About Us

About Us

Talk About Depression focuses on connecting people to resources to make things better.

Our Story

After receiving a troubling text from a friend, our founder realized that there are too few online tools that support the friends and family of those in crisis. It wasn’t long before an idea materialized, using the same approach 9-1-1 operators use when receiving a suicide-related call and turning it into an online resource.

Our assessment is a confidential, online evaluation that gives you both resources and right-now help. We realize that our approach is a little different; it’s because we need to show up in new ways to help people understand how to better cope with depression. Here’s the thing: There is no lack of people talking about depression, suicide, and other mental health obstacles. But we know that there needs to be more tools available when needed.

TAD’s Mission & Vision

Our mission is to give friends, family, and coworkers the tools they need to support a loved one through a mental health crisis and beyond.

We envision a world where our mental health is as important as our physical health free of stigma, embarrassment, or shame.

Organization Pillars

TAD is a socially driven organization that is increasing mental health equity by lowering the barriers to accessing professional, social, and individual mental health support. We do this by building best-in-class digital technology and platforms that allow individuals to safely manage mental health crises situations and more.

TALK openly about depression and suicide.

SHARE resources & communication that create new paths for well-being.

HELP strengthen the understanding of mental health care and crisis resources.