EP12 TAD Voices-I Am Me with Sophie Dietz

Content Warning: Please note the following content is directly or indirectly related to topics about depression, suicide, and self-harm.


We are so excited to feature Sophie Dietz on EP 12 of TAD Voices. She is the founder of @annabeejoux jewelry and a campaign called “I Am Me” in collaboration with TAD to spread awareness talking about mental health.  This episode highlights the importance of supporting yourself in the highs and lows, stress around the holiday’s, and ways you can be there for a loved one going through a mental health crisis. Tune in now for this incredible conversation and hear Sophie’s powerful story behind the “I Am Me” movement that expresses the power of talking about our struggles and sitting with someone during those challenges.

Check out her new jewelry line and support the movement here: I Am Me

A message from Sophie: “I Am Me is exactly that, embracing what makes You, You. A reminder to accept yourself everyday, through the highs, the lows, the imperfections and the perfections. You can only be you, and in the end I Am only Me.”


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