SE 2, EP1 TAD Voices-Using Your Experience To Help Others

On the first episode of TAD Voices Season 2 we are featuring Kimmy: Artist, mother, mental health advocate and inspiring person to us all. Listen to Episode 1 on Friday as she shares with TAD, her story of hope and reality while dealing with Bipolar Disorder in order to help others see they are not alone. “We can use our own experiences to help others.” She says and uses her creativity for #MentalHealthAwareness in running the @bipolarbutterflyproject and her art is featured on @makikisart. Check out her incredible art and the powerful story that she already shared with our community here: Her Website

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  1. This woman is amazing and an inspiration. It takes a lot to be open up to those close to you about your struggles, let alone complete strangers. Kimmy is an advocate using her incredible artistic talents to help others understand. Keep up the good work Kimmy!

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